Meeting the Talent

While working for ESPN, I have met numerous athletes that are referred as the talent. ESPN and other sports networks hire former athletes and use them as analysts during the live broadcast. When you see them on TV, you think of them as just as athletes and not real people. One in particular made a real impression on me…

Her name was Jen Hoffman. Jen was a volleyball player from Louisville. I have met her twice in my time with ESPN doing volleyball matches. Jen was great at her job and knew her stuff about the sport. Doing the off moments, I got to know Jen. She was pregnant the first time around. She was having a little girl. Come to find out, she also won the Amazing Race with her sister. How cool is that??! The second time around, she had her beautiful baby girl. When I went up to her, she actually remembered me. That hit me pretty hard.

It gave me a new sense of who these people really are. It made me realize that they really are people and have emotions and feelings. They are not athletes who need to have a sense of gloating to others. They care about the people they meet and the people that help them out. I have a new found respect for the talent.


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