This is a Summer Thing…

Must Not Fail

This semester was a very tough semester for me. I’m not gonna lie it stressed me out to the max. For my degree in Telecommunication and Film, you have to have an internship. If you don’t have an internship, you can’t graduate. I thought this would be a better time than ever to get it done. I didn’t want it to come down to my last semester and afraid of not graduating.

In order to pass this “class”, you have to obtain 375 hours worth of hours with your internship. I thought I had this figured all out. I work full time at work. I okayed it with my manager about me working Sunday-Thursday every work week. This means I had Friday and Saturday to do my internship. I work anywhere from 30-40 hours a week, which means being at my job 5 days a week. I also attend school full time. I take 15 hours worth of classes, which means being at school 3 days a week. I thought I could handle it but I was quickly proven wrong.

Being at school and work all week, quickly tired me out before even getting to my internship on the weekend. I usually was in the lab at school till midnight or later on some nights during the week getting other class work done. My sleep was taking a backseat to school work and work. I had to cut back at work as well and only get to work 30 hours a week to keep my full time status. It started to stress me out bug time. I was barely making enough money to get my rent or manage for the month.

I knew I had to keep going to prove to myself and others who doubted my ability that I could do it. Some people weren’t supportive and that fired me up even more to get my hours. Even though I was stressed out, i taught me a good lesson in determination in myself to achieve my dreams.


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