The Only Negative

I love my job and all the aspects that come with it. You are working with sports and are up and close with the actions. It’s amazing what all I have done over the past year. Yet, there is one negative I can think of, which is you have to miss sporting events. I love to watch all sporting events so this has been the hardest for me.

I posted about the Vanderbilt game I worked at weeks ago, see Anchor Down. Anyways, I was on the field setting up the wires for the cameras when I hear someone talking about the Bama game. I ask them what’s the score, we were up by 1 point in the 4th quarter. Talk about a livid Alabama fan. I couldn’t stop what I was doing either. The only thing I could do was have the ESPN app up and follow it on the game cast.

We ended up winning the game, but it just sucked because I had to miss a close game like that. That is the sacrifice you have to make in order to achieve your dreams.



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