Progressing into other fields..

Don’t get  me wrong, I love what I do and all the aspects of it. I love sports. sports are the one thing that I am constantly watching no matter what time of the year it is. Music is another passion of mine that thrives by the day. I love filming concerts because you are right there in the action.

One day, I would want to one day progress into television and film. I grew up watching shows like American Idol, Modern Family, and Gilligan’s Island and I wanted to be apart of them. I would watch movies like Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight, and National Treasure and all I can think about is being apart of something special. I want to be apart of something that people will be remember 10 years down the road. I want people to watch the film/show I worked on and get them inspired as I was by others.

Whether it is sports, music, television, and film, I will always be apart of something special in my eyes.


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