Look what I found

I was going to create my own SlideShare but when I got to looking at the website, I found one that was great. It is what my blog is all about in a few slides done by another person. I found it very informative and thought I should post and let other people see it.

Like I said, this is not my work but I wanted to share it for you guys to see it!


“Walking In Memphis”

The family friend that I have my internship with has a main job with the Memphis Grizzlies. He is the head Graphics coordinator for the Grizzlies. Everything that you see that goes across the screen like promos, stats, player bios, etc. is made up by him at the beginning of the game. This was my first taste of professional sports at any level. I have always wanted to be involved with a sports team and I felt this could be my way to it.

During my first trip, I met all the important people of the corporation. I met the President, etc. I walked through the halls that the players walk through. I got to see the ins and outs of the entire program. I can say that I loved it.

I love the way ESPN works and the free lance aspect of it. Yet, I loved the fact of working for a team. I learned that they have an internship program  for after you obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. I think that will be my go to plan after I graduate.

Also, Memphis obtained a new fan too.


Getting Involved

As I transferred to the University of Alabama, I was put into a world of numerous opportunities. I applied for several internships that I thought I would be perfect for. I was denied and it did dishearten me. My mom luckily has a family friend who works with ESPN and the Memphis Grizzlies. I was hesitant to ask him in the first place. Who wants a college kid to follow them around at their job? I got to courage to ask him and he said yes. It all just went from there. It helped me spread my wings and fly toward my goals.